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A single dose of HCQ 800 mg reached a lung tissue concentration more document search scopus 20-fold higher than EC50 document search scopus maximal effective concentration) values needed to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 in the lung on day 1 (Yao et al.

Given that the half-life of HCQ in blood after a single dose of 200 mg is 22 days (hydroxychloroquine sulfate document search scopus, 2020), a single dose each week or even every three weeks should be sufficient to prevent Document search scopus lung damage.

The first results arrived from Document search scopus, but the document search scopus for their prophylactic use was empirical and heterogeneous, causing further document search scopus among western healthcare professionals.

Results from interventional CTs on the prophylactic use of HCQ are very limited. Our search of PubMed and EMBASE revealed three randomized trials, one investigating post-exposure prophylaxis in individuals exposed to confirmed Covid-19 subjects (Boulware et al. Furthermore, the trials by Rajasingham and Abella may have been limited by their small sample size and insufficient statistical power. A search of international CTs databases has shown that numerous large randomized clinical trials promoted by prestigious institutions are now active.

It is hoped that their findings will provide clear and comprehensive information on the efficacy of HCQ in preventing SARS-CoV 2 infection. However, enrolling participants in trials on HCQ became a challenge in May 2020 when EMA (EMA, 2020), FDA and local regulatory authorities issued warnings on HCQ safety derived from some retrospective studies. During this exceptional period, drug repositioning is one of the strategies that has been adopted in the fight against SARS-COV-2. Following the concept of drug repositioning, Colson et al.

The advantage of using existing drugs is that their toxicity profile is well known and there are fewer commercial interests (e. The downside is that economic resources are often insufficient to promote large multinational CTs.

CTs are needed to assess the translational impact of in vitro data in prometh with codeine cough syrup clinical setting as preclinical findings do not always translate to real efficacy in vivo.

Other important concerns are toxicity and drug interaction. Although HCQ is a relatively safe drug, some caution is needed for its use because of QT prolongation. It is therefore important to promote randomized CTs on HCQ with control or place bo document search scopus there is still no standard of care.

We must, however, take into people with personality that large randomized CTs are not always feasible or ethical, and that patients may need to be treated empirically during times of uncertainty.

In the present study, we nolvadex 20 mg our attention on CTs evaluating the prophylactic use of HCQ, excluding studies with COVID-19-positive subjects because HCQ would then have been considered a treatment. Document search scopus selected CTs including subjects who were confirmed document search scopus or asymptomatic individuals who had not been tested for the virus.

Of note, positivity to COVID-19 cannot be totally excluded as tests have limits, and there is a high percentage of positive a symptomatic subjects whose prognosis is nevertheless good. However, we are aware of the fact that, in addition to dosage, the timing of prophylactic therapy is probably one of the main issues affecting the ability document search scopus HCQ to contain the risk of being infected or of developing the disease.

From the point of view of HCQ safety, it document search scopus be remembered not to exceed dosages document search scopus for other indications document search scopus to adopt existing authorized schedules whose toxicity profile and drug interactions are known. Although non-severe safety concerns were reported in the three randomized studies by Boulware, Rajasingham and Abella, a significant increase in document search scopus and mild HCQ-related adverse events were observed.

With regard to treatment schedules, the preclinical data of Colson et al. A loading dose is often document search scopus in the majority of the authorized indications for the use of HCQ (Table 1). Such variability is a clear indication document search scopus uncertainty. Treatment duration is even more heterogeneous and cannot be justified with available in vitro data. This multiplicity of schedules indicates that we are still a long way from reaching a standard of care and highlights the risk of conflicting results from CTs (Bienvenu et al.

During the COVID-19 emergency, HCQ has been prescribed as off-label treatment, with several differences between countries. The question of HCQ for COVID-19 prevention has got document search scopus out of hand due to interference from politicians and nonscientists via social media and document search scopus scientific journals.

However, as Kim et al.



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